Vibro Panty Black – Pleasure from distance

Are you looking for new way for foreplay with your partner? Is your sex life become boring? If you need something to spice up your sex life, you must find out more about this great Remote control vibrating panties.

Sex toys are made to spice up your sex life. No matter if you play solo or with your partner, every adult toy have its own purpose. Some of them vibrates, others stimulates your G-Spot and so on. However, advantage of this remote control vibrating panties is that you can control the vibration from a long distance. Util now, we have a pretty much short range to control vibrating pleasures in your partners panties. Wearing this panties with bullet insert your partner can control 10 different patterns of vibrations up to 82 feet (more than 25 m) away. So your partner can tease you or you tease her from long distance. This is great for couples for foreplay.

About this panties. Side laces make them one size fit most. It means, that they are plus size remote control vibrating panty. Don’t you worry if you have body like a model. It will fit you too. Laces on the side are great, because even women with bigger body sizes can wear them and enjoy in vibrating pleasures wherever she wants to. Here is the best part. Bullet insert is waterproof, so you can enjoy wearing this bikini panty under the shower or even in swimming pool. Grab a chance and enjoy in vibrations under the water. Believe me, it’s really something extra. All you have to do is to wear this vibro panty with bullet insert in little pocket on that special place. Trust the remote to your partner and fun can begin. Remote controller is not waterproof! So keep it dry. All the batteries you need are included.

Don’t wait that comes out of stock. Grab it NOW!

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