Top 5 Remote Control Vibrating Thongs

Remote Control Vibrating Thongs are unique and sex looking type of lingerie, which combine pleasure and every day use. Many of you wearing thongs every day,  but will you make step further and get one that vibrates?

Remote Control Vibrating Thongs are more and more popular not only by single users but also by couples to spice up their sex life. Of course, This type of Remote Control Vibrating Underwear is not only for women but also for a men!
If you want to surprise your man or boyfriend with pair of these, usually helps to convince him to wear Remote Control Vibrating Thongs if you offer him that he will have control of remote control Vibrating Thongs that you wearing.

OK let’s see which are the Best Remote Control Vibrating Thongs:

Remote control vibrating little black panty thong:

This dirty little secret is for both of you, because of you can use it for foreplay, or maybe you just want to get some private pleasure and enjoning in vibrations in your Remote Control Vibrating Thongs. This one is soft and sexy and fits a wide range of sizes. Removable vibrating bullet insert give to this Vibrating Thongs possibility to tease you and make you to get to the next level with your partner.
Laced Thongs are sexy looking and laces are very soft and stretchy. Material is Latex free and Phthalates free.
It can be controlled up to 30 feet away.

Astrea 2:

In every mans eyes thongs are sexy looking underwear and there is no question about it, but when it comes to question that men can control vibrations in your thongs, almost all of them are excited and their eyes shine like stars.
Easy to operate remote controller wil give you or your partner possibility to control vibrations up to 12 feet away. Vibrating bullet insert is removable and you can always wear this Remote Control Vibrating Thongs like any other underwear.
Usually shipping of this Vibrating Thongs is FREE!


Remote vibrating wireless thong – for men:

Yes you see right. Even Men’s thongs can vibrate, but why loose words, watch the review video and CLICK HERE or if you want to find out more about Men’s Vibrating Underwear click on Remote Control Vibrating Thongs For Men!


 California Exotic Novelties Remote Control 10-function Little Black Panty – Thong:

Give your partner to watch you when you walk by in this gorgeous Remote Control Vibrating Thongs. Of course like all other Vibrating Thongs even this one looks sexy and catchy.

Strech-to-fit lace Thong have adjustable satin ties and hiden pocket for curved vibrating bullet insert. It have 10 function of vibration, escalation and pulsation.
Perfect to surpise your girlfriend or wife for any occasion you come up for. Believe me, both of you will enjoy, you in control, she in vibrating pleasures!


10 function Remote Control Vibratig Thongs

Pipedream Products- 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Thongs:

When we talk about Remote Control Vibrating Underwear, we can easy say that on of the partners turn other on with a simple push of the button. Especially if we talk about this special 10 Funcion Remote Control Vibrating Thongs.
This sexy looking G-String Thongs can be controlled up to 25 feet away. It’s rcommend to wear them at home, on dates, even on parties or everywhere you want to, your artner can easy buzz you whenever he or she like to. Pleasure is on both sizes, one have control in teasing, other one enjoy in vibrating pleasure.

So much about Top 5 Remote Control Vibrating Thongs For Men And Women. You can easy find one that is best for you if you click on

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