Surprise Your Men with Wireless Vibrating Thongs for Men

Sex toys, especially Wireless Vibrating Thongs for men, are becoming more and more popular these days. It is powered by batteries and simple to use. Any men can make use of this item and this will give them a fun experience that they will not find in any other sex toys available in the market. If you want to be thrilled and enjoy the moment with your partner, getting Remote Control Vibrating Thongs for Men will make your day much happier and definitely more exciting.

There are many advantages you can experience once you have tried this kind of sex toy. One of them is that it is comfortable. You will not feel awkward while using it as it’s not too bulky and it will feel like you are just wearing your ordinary thongs. It operates quietly yet its vibration is strong which will give you the fun experience with your partner.  Wireless Vibrating Thongs for Him has two-way pouch and you can access it even if you are quite far, with its remote control having a maximum range of 12’ or 3.7m. When it comes to its size, it fits to all. This means that whether you are a small guy or a tall one, you can purchase this item and expect this to work perfectly for you.

The two-way pouch of These Wireless Vibrating Thongs for Men is intended for testicular or anal stimulation. The fabric used is polyester and Spandex so it can easily fit to anyone who will use it. The color of these thongs is only black. Batteries are included on the package. However, the two AAA batteries are not included and you have to purchase them separately.

These Remote Control Vibration Thongs are easy to assemble. Firstly, you have to put batteries on the remote and stimulator. Secondly, place the Vibrating Bullet Insert in the pouch. Lastly, make fun with it by controlling it whenever you want to. The item has an instructional manual included. Follow the steps provided on the manual to avoid incorrect assembly and make sure not to soak the remote or the stimulator on the water. Also, replace the batteries immediately whenever the remote control stops working to continue the fun and pleasure.

Wireless Vibrating Thongs for Him is an item that you should give a try if you want to have pleasure and experience fun and enjoyment at any place. No matter what time of day it is, you can play and have fun with this remote controlled sex toy. So, surprise your partner with Remote Control Vibrating Thongs for Men today and spice up your relationship!

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