Remote Control Vibrating Thong of the day for men and women

Remote control vibrating thong are one of the most common sex toy using by couples for foreplay. Usually they use them outside of their home. Of course, they use them at home as well.

Here is the short review of Wireless Remote vibrating Thong of the day for Men and Women.

vibrating_thongs_for_menRemote Control Vibrating Thong of the day for him:
This wireless remote control Vibrating thong gives to user freedom. It have remote controller with pretty wide range of 12 feet. Materials that is used for thongs, remote controller and vibrating insert are safe for use. Thongs are stretchy and one size fit most. Vibrating insert have two way positioning (anal or testicular stimulation). If you remove insert from thong, you can use it to stimulate any other part of the body you like to stimulate.
It’s very easy to use. The person who have the remote of this Wireless remote control vibrating thong for men, have all the control of vibrating stimulation. Batteries are included!

Enjoy and have fun while you tease your men. Turn him on with remote control vibrating thong for men.

It’s also great as a gift for your anniversary!

For more info, click on image!


Remote Control Vibrating Thong of the day for her:

Remote Control Vibratng ThongsHere is short review of Berman Astrea II remote vibrating thong black

First I want give you a prove that this is great sex toy! This item was shown on Oprah show and it’s made as a part of the Berman Center Intimate Accessories line. Products designed for women, by women to give you and your partner exactly what you need to optimize your sex life.
This thongs are one size fit most. Nice and sexy looking stretchy thongs have one little pocket, where you put in vibrating bullet insert for vibrating clitoral stimulation. Remote controller have wide rang up to 12 feet. So your partner can tease you across the room.
It’s one of the most popular product by women. After all, this sexy looking thongs you can wear as a normal underwear if you remove bullet insert.
Batteries are included, so you can start enjoy in vibrating pleasures controlled by you or your partner.
Have fun and enjoy using and wearing this Wireless remote control vibrating thongs for women.
It’s also great as a gift to surprise your women for any occasion!

For more info click in image!

Advice or two:
After every use, clean vibrating insert with toy cleaner. So this toy can give you a pleasure for a long time.
Both thongs are washable!
You should use some lubricants too.

Many couples use sex toys for foreplay as well as for sex. It helps to spice up their sex life, so you can spice it up too. The best part of Wireless remote control vibrating thongs is that you get two product in one. First you get sexy looking thongs and sex toy which you can use it for vibrating stimulation with or without thongs and you can enjoy and have fun solo or with your partner.

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You can find also video presentation of this thongs if you click on image or CLICK HERE!


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