Remote Control Vibrating Thongs For Men

Sex Toys like Remote Control Vibrating Thongs For Men are more and more desirable not only because of getting over the tabu that men can’t enjoy with using of Sex Toys, but also because of mutual play with partner. Modern technology is everywhere around us, so even in Sex Toys producing world, technology have big influence and on development of creating Sex Toys. More and more vibrating items are as whisper quiet, but still powerful enough to stimulate and also getting you to reach an orgasm.

Vibrating Thongs For Men

Vibrating Thongs For Men have purpose to stimulate and because of wireless remote control technology, with this Sex Toy you can tease each other and so enjoy in those special moment everywhere you want to, at home or in public places. Men can wear this Vibrating Thongs like any other underwear. Of course this sex Toy is made for solo play as well as for couples.

Ladies, if you looking for special gift for your anniversary, Men Vibrating Thongs will be best surprise that you ever give to him. Believe me, when he will see what you get for him, I’m almost certain that he will drop his jaw on the floor.

This Vibrating Thongs For Men have 2 way positioning pocket for anal or testicular stimulation. You can control vibrating bullet insret up to 12 feet away, this mean that you can stimulate your men and control the vibrations from a distance 12 feet (4 m) away.

This Thongs are strechy, washable and very comfortable to wear, so your men can enjoy even if he wear them without bullet insert.


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