Surprise Your Men with Wireless Vibrating Thongs for Men

Sex toys, especially Wireless Vibrating Thongs for men, are becoming more and more popular these days. It is powered by batteries and simple to use. Any men can make use of this item and this will give them a fun experience that they will not find in any other sex toys available in the market. If you want to be thrilled and enjoy the moment with your partner, getting Remote Control Vibrating Thongs for Men will make your day much happier and definitely more exciting.

There are many advantages you can experience once you have tried this kind of sex toy. One of them is that it is comfortable. You will not feel awkward while using it as it’s not too bulky and it will feel like you are just wearing your ordinary thongs. It operates quietly yet its vibration is strong which will give you the fun experience with your partner.  Wireless Vibrating Thongs for Him has two-way pouch and you can access it even if you are quite far, with its remote control having a maximum range of 12’ or 3.7m. When it comes to its size, it fits to all. This means that whether you are a small guy or a tall one, you can purchase this item and expect this to work perfectly for you.

The two-way pouch of These Wireless Vibrating Thongs for Men is intended for testicular or anal stimulation. The fabric used is polyester and Spandex so it can easily fit to anyone who will use it. The color of these thongs is only black. Batteries are included on the package. However, the two AAA batteries are not included and you have to purchase them separately.

These Remote Control Vibration Thongs are easy to assemble. Firstly, you have to put batteries on the remote and stimulator. Secondly, place the Vibrating Bullet Insert in the pouch. Lastly, make fun with it by controlling it whenever you want to. The item has an instructional manual included. Follow the steps provided on the manual to avoid incorrect assembly and make sure not to soak the remote or the stimulator on the water. Also, replace the batteries immediately whenever the remote control stops working to continue the fun and pleasure.

Wireless Vibrating Thongs for Him is an item that you should give a try if you want to have pleasure and experience fun and enjoyment at any place. No matter what time of day it is, you can play and have fun with this remote controlled sex toy. So, surprise your partner with Remote Control Vibrating Thongs for Men today and spice up your relationship!

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Black Rose Plus Size Vibrating Thong

Sex Toys are very popular these days especially ones that combine two or more things in one like Vibrating Thongs. It combine nice seductive looking Thongs and a small vibrator, which is placed at the spot to give you vibrating stimulation on your erogen zones.

Black Rose Vibrating Thongs are actually Plus Size Vibrating Thongs which will give you vibrating pleasures for low price. Users rate this adult toy in top 50 Strap on vibrators, so there is no doubt that using this Vibrating Underwear is a waste of your time.

I find one review which says that vibrations of Bullet insert can be a little bit too weak. If you don’t get enough vibrating stimulation, you can always replace Bullet Insert with another one. If you do, I highly recommend you to get one which is remote controlled. So you will get Remote Control Vibrating Thongs which can be a lot of fun and joy for you and your partner, because while you enjoy in vibrations, he or she can enjoy in control of them.

This Thongs fits a wide range of sizes because of silk side laces which will take care that this panties wil fit on your body like a glove. Bullet insert is replaceable if you are not pleased with this one, but again, if you want to have more from your Vibrating Thongs, get insert with the remote.

Have fun and enjoy in using and wearing this Plus Size Vibrating Panty, which you can FIND HERE!



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Vibrating Crotchless Thongs

Today I decide to share with you a short review about Vibrating Crothless Thongs.
Vibrating Thongs are one very special type of Vibrating Underwear, which provide person who wears this sexy looking Lingerie with vibrating pleasures on the clitoral area.

So why are Crotchless Vibrating Thongs so special?

You can wear them like any other thongs. You can also enjoy in vibrating stimulation thanks to hidden Vibrating Bullet Insert and like whisper quiet technology. But this one have a little bit advantage from ordinary thongs. Because of Crotchless opening, you can enjoy in penetration and vibrations at the same time. So you can actually have two actions at the same time.
Recently I found an article about Waterproof Crotchless Vibrating Panties. With them you can enjoy even in bathtub or under the showerwith your partner or if you play solo with Suction Cup Dildo.

To find out more click on Vibrating Crotchless Panties!

Where can you get this unique sex toy for you or your partner?

I found two online stores wich are great to get this one into your collection of thongs. is a great sex toys store with wide range of choices and you can use a special promo code: JUST4U   ( 5% discount, no minimum order) . CLICK HERE!

EdenFantasys is also great adult toys store with wide range of choices for your sexual life. They also have a plenty discounts and sales. To check, CLICK HERE!




Have fun with in the cinema wearing Remote Control Vibrating Thongs

Remote Control Vibrating Thongs are almost only sex toy which can be used for sexual pleasure outside of your home. As you know you can wear this type of Vibrating Underwear almost anywhere you want like if you go shopping at the mall, into the cinema or maybe if you go for a walk in the park.


Wearing Remote Control Vibrating Thongs to the cinema – make your  cinema experience even more exciting. The next time you are going to cinema with your partner, why don’t you consider to wear Vibrating Thongs. But don’t tell him you are wearing them – surprise him. When movie starts and he is in to pop corn, give him remote controller and whisper in to his ear “let the action begins”. You can be pretty sure, he will forget about movie and start playing with remote controller of your Vibrating Thongs.

Both of you probably wont forget this movie, not because of movie but because of fun, joy and vibrating pleasure of your Vibrating Thongs which was controlled by him.

To find Vibrating Thongs for you, CLICK HERE or HERE!

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Vibrating Thongs are not popular by coincidence

Vibrating Thongs are great choice for couples searching for new adventurous ways to light up their life in the bedroom. The underwear has come to the centre of many success stories of fabulous nights out from couples wearing the outfit without anyone around them noticing a thing.


Today, videos of women wearing vibrating underwear have become extremely popular. One such clip is that of talented actress Katherine Hegl who, starring in the movie ‘The Ugly Truth’, has an enticing scene where she wears the Vibrating Thong.


Vibrating underwear is the epitome of modern day sexual stimulation. Bordering on a toy, the Vibrating Thong is designed to be worn under anything, day or night. The hands-free clitoral vibrator gives unprecedented pleasure to women. Though many use this underwear discretely on their own, the vibrating thong is increasingly becoming popular among couples, lesbian or heterosexual. Get yours today for ultimate sexual excitement.

Vibrating Thongs For Men

Vibrating Thongs For Men:

Popularity of Vibrating Thongs For Men is growing not only because of daring of men but also from the reason that women want excitement of teasing their partner. This unique type of mens underwear is made for testicular or anal stimulation.
Women can surprise their men with Vibrating Thongs For Men for any occasion, especially if you have anniversary.

Vibrating Thongs For Women:

In this section of vibrating Underwear you can find different types of Vibrating Thongs. In Category of Vibrating Thongs belongs Crotchless Thongs, Pearl Thongs, Strapless Thongs and any other type of thongs that you can find on the market.

Each and every single one of them have special features to stimulate with vibrations womens delicate area. The Vibrating bullet insert is hidden inside of the litle pocket and is perfect located to stimulate women’s erogenous zones.

To find out more about Vibrating Thongs, CLICK HERE!




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Remote Control Vibrating Thongs For Men

Sex Toys like Remote Control Vibrating Thongs For Men are more and more desirable not only because of getting over the tabu that men can’t enjoy with using of Sex Toys, but also because of mutual play with partner. Modern technology is everywhere around us, so even in Sex Toys producing world, technology have big influence and on development of creating Sex Toys. More and more vibrating items are as whisper quiet, but still powerful enough to stimulate and also getting you to reach an orgasm.

Vibrating Thongs For Men

Vibrating Thongs For Men have purpose to stimulate and because of wireless remote control technology, with this Sex Toy you can tease each other and so enjoy in those special moment everywhere you want to, at home or in public places. Men can wear this Vibrating Thongs like any other underwear. Of course this sex Toy is made for solo play as well as for couples.

Ladies, if you looking for special gift for your anniversary, Men Vibrating Thongs will be best surprise that you ever give to him. Believe me, when he will see what you get for him, I’m almost certain that he will drop his jaw on the floor.

This Vibrating Thongs For Men have 2 way positioning pocket for anal or testicular stimulation. You can control vibrating bullet insret up to 12 feet away, this mean that you can stimulate your men and control the vibrations from a distance 12 feet (4 m) away.

This Thongs are strechy, washable and very comfortable to wear, so your men can enjoy even if he wear them without bullet insert.


To find out more about Vibrating Thongs For Men, CLICK HERE!


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Top 5 Remote Control Vibrating Thongs

Remote Control Vibrating Thongs are unique and sex looking type of lingerie, which combine pleasure and every day use. Many of you wearing thongs every day,  but will you make step further and get one that vibrates?

Remote Control Vibrating Thongs are more and more popular not only by single users but also by couples to spice up their sex life. Of course, This type of Remote Control Vibrating Underwear is not only for women but also for a men!
If you want to surprise your man or boyfriend with pair of these, usually helps to convince him to wear Remote Control Vibrating Thongs if you offer him that he will have control of remote control Vibrating Thongs that you wearing.

OK let’s see which are the Best Remote Control Vibrating Thongs:

Remote control vibrating little black panty thong:

This dirty little secret is for both of you, because of you can use it for foreplay, or maybe you just want to get some private pleasure and enjoning in vibrations in your Remote Control Vibrating Thongs. This one is soft and sexy and fits a wide range of sizes. Removable vibrating bullet insert give to this Vibrating Thongs possibility to tease you and make you to get to the next level with your partner.
Laced Thongs are sexy looking and laces are very soft and stretchy. Material is Latex free and Phthalates free.
It can be controlled up to 30 feet away.

Astrea 2:

In every mans eyes thongs are sexy looking underwear and there is no question about it, but when it comes to question that men can control vibrations in your thongs, almost all of them are excited and their eyes shine like stars.
Easy to operate remote controller wil give you or your partner possibility to control vibrations up to 12 feet away. Vibrating bullet insert is removable and you can always wear this Remote Control Vibrating Thongs like any other underwear.
Usually shipping of this Vibrating Thongs is FREE!


Remote vibrating wireless thong – for men:

Yes you see right. Even Men’s thongs can vibrate, but why loose words, watch the review video and CLICK HERE or if you want to find out more about Men’s Vibrating Underwear click on Remote Control Vibrating Thongs For Men!


 California Exotic Novelties Remote Control 10-function Little Black Panty – Thong:

Give your partner to watch you when you walk by in this gorgeous Remote Control Vibrating Thongs. Of course like all other Vibrating Thongs even this one looks sexy and catchy.

Strech-to-fit lace Thong have adjustable satin ties and hiden pocket for curved vibrating bullet insert. It have 10 function of vibration, escalation and pulsation.
Perfect to surpise your girlfriend or wife for any occasion you come up for. Believe me, both of you will enjoy, you in control, she in vibrating pleasures!


10 function Remote Control Vibratig Thongs

Pipedream Products- 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Thongs:

When we talk about Remote Control Vibrating Underwear, we can easy say that on of the partners turn other on with a simple push of the button. Especially if we talk about this special 10 Funcion Remote Control Vibrating Thongs.
This sexy looking G-String Thongs can be controlled up to 25 feet away. It’s rcommend to wear them at home, on dates, even on parties or everywhere you want to, your artner can easy buzz you whenever he or she like to. Pleasure is on both sizes, one have control in teasing, other one enjoy in vibrating pleasure.

So much about Top 5 Remote Control Vibrating Thongs For Men And Women. You can easy find one that is best for you if you click on

Or on

where you can use a promo code for 10% discount!

Promo code is: TOYS4U 

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Spice up your Sexlife with Remote Control Vibrating Thongs

There is no denying that sexual excitement is one of the most sought after sources of pleasure in this world today. Don’t be fooled by the serious looks people put on the streets, all of them wouldn’t mind going to extremes just to satisfy their sexual buds, doing things they wouldn’t want to see even on a mirror. With the advent of technology, Remote Control Vibrating Thongs and other types of Remote Control Vibrating Underwear, has been invented to make sure you no longer have an excuse for a below par sexual excitement.


The Remote Control Vibrating Thong is a great asset for couples seeking new ways to enhance their bedroom life. Though difficult to use in very quiet places such as restaurants, clubs that play loud music are a perfect place as the buzz sound of the underwear will definitely be drowned.


Remote Control Vibratig Thongs

Movie directors have not been left out in the rush to take advantage of the unprecedented pleasure provided by this invention. One of the most memorable scenes of the movie ‘The Ugly Truth’ is that where top actress and starring Kathrine Hegl uses the Remote Control Vibrating Thong. Many are left envious of the awesome experiences she seems to be having. You too can get there, just grab your vibrating thong this minute from a leading sex toy shop near you or get a pair of this special lingerie online. The feeling is without a doubt nothing you have savored before.


The Remote Controlled Vibrating Thong provides discreet hands-free stimulation wherever you desire. Designed with a beautiful stretch lace, the underwear is not only sexy but comfortable too. The twelve inch mini-remote stimulator attached is compact, contoured and removable. Many users of this outfit do it singly and in secret. However, the vibrating thong is recently becoming popular among couples. With the wide variety of vibrating underwear, there is for sure something out there just for you. Go for it now and transform your sex life.

Where can you get Remote Control Vibrating Thongs on-line?

Well I think that the best two places are Amazon and Edenfantasys, so if you are interested, you can find links below to get there and get one of the most popular sex-toy for you and your partner.

Amazon – If you are looking for Remote Control Vibrating Thongs, I think this is great choice, because you find here a plenty of Vibrating Underwear and all other stuff you may need at home. If you want to search on Amazon, CLICK HERE!

Edenfantasys – If you are searching for Remote Control Vibrating Underwear or any other Sex-toys, this is the place to search. If you want looking for wide range of choices of sex-toys for you and your partner on Edenfantasys , CLICK HERE!

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Remote Control Vibrating Thongs for both of you

Remote Control Vibrating Lingerie are in nowadays more and more popular. Of course because of the remote control feature, this Sex toy is very popular by couples, especially Remote Control Vibrating Thongs.

Remote Control Vibrating Thongs are special type of Vibrating Lingerie, which combine pleasure and everyday use. Many of women and men wear thongs almost every day. So if you want to have some extra pleasure, you just simply wear a pair of Remote Control Vibrating Thongs and you are ready to go. Yes, you read it right. You can enjoy in vibrating pleasures everywhere you want to, so if you like to walk in the park or you love to go in big shopping mall, or on any other place, you can enjoy in vibrations down under.

Remote Control Vibrating Thongs

And now here is one of two best parts. This Sex toy can give fun and pleasure to both of you. You can wear this Remote Control Vibrating Thongs and give the remote controller to your partner or friend to control power and decide when vibrations starts. Here is second best part of Remote Control Vibrating Thongs. You can find them also for men, so you can easily surprise your men for anniversary or any other occasion for you. Believe me you will see how he drop the jaw on the floor and you will love it!
One more thing for those who don’t like to wear Thongs. Don’t worry, you are not disadvantaged for vibrating pleasures in underwear. On the market you can find all kind of Vibrating Underwear.
In short about Remote Control Vibrating Thongs. This is unique Vibrating Underwear which provide you with vibrating pleasures. Women can easily reach an orgasm, men can use them for anal and testicular pleasure.
Remote Control Vibrating Thongs are washable and easy to use.

If you want to know more about other types of Vibrating Lingerie, click on Vibrating Underwear!

to find out more about Remote Control Vibrating Thongs, CLICK HERE!



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Vibrating Thong – Unique Gift For Partner

The Thong, almost every woman has in its collection of underwear. But Vibrating Thong is for an eye the same, but any woman which wear this unique vibrating underwear aware that Vibrating Thongs are something that make sex-life much more interesting and fun.

The remote feature of Vibrating Thongs is that make them unique. Because of modern technology, vibrating bullet insert inside little pocket provide you with vibrating stimulation. The fun part of this is that power and time, when this bullet insert will start vibrating and how powerful this vibrations will be, is controlled by remote controller. This is not all. Why can Vibrating Thongs be fun? Because of remote controller, which is under your or your partners control. So your partner can tease you whenever and wherever she or he want to.

Vibrating Thong and other types of Vibrating Underwear is very popular by couples for spice up their sex-life and having fun with this sex toy.

On the market you can find Vibrating Thongs for women and men. If you looking for something more daring is Vibrating Thong with stroker beads.

So because is time of gifts, you can easily surprise your partner with this special type of underwear. Believe me, he or she will be surprised!

To find out more about Vibrating Thongs CLICK HERE!

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