Which vibrating bullet to choose for my vibrating thongs

Wireless vibrating thongs are very popular among adults. Especially among couples, which use them to spice up their sex life. However, one question is still brainstorm for some of users. This Question is “Which vibrating bullet to choose for my vibrating panties?” The answer awaits for you below.

For those who don’t know what is vibrating bullet, let me describe it in few words.

Bullet insertVibrating bullet is insert which is hidden in your thongs. It can be more or less controlled in four ways.

First one is without the control. You just simply turn it on, put it into your thongs and fun can begun.

2015-04-11_1546Second is wired controlled. It gives to user more control on vibrations down under. You or your partner have the controller and change the power of vibrations. Some of them have also few pre-programmed programs of vibrations and pulsations.

Third is wireless remote controlled. This is the best for play with your partner. You trust the wireless remote controller to your partner and wireless remote control vibrating bulletenjoy in vibrating stimulation which is controlled by someone else.
Some of them have a wide range up to 20 meters (60 feet) away.
This one is most common among couples for foreplay. They usually start to have fun long before they come home. So both of you are turned on and full of excitement.

Fourth is an upgraded version of wireless remote controlled vibrating bullet. It have voice sensitive sensor inside the remote, which transform sounds into vibrations.
Music_controlled_vibrating_bulletIt can also be used on parties or concerts of your favorite band. If you are more of an romantic type, your partner can whisper into sensor and give you silent vibrating ecstasy. Check Club Vibe 2 if you like it, get it!

These are versions by control of bullet insert. You also have those which are waterproof, rechargeable and so on.

Now that you know, much more about this little devils which can bring you to reach an orgasm, you should consider which one is best for you.

If you still ask yourself, which vibrating bullet to choose for my vibrating thongs, let me tell you more about bullet inserts.

On the market you can find many of them. You can also choose one from “fifty shades of Grey” collection. Those are items of Official Pleasure Collection.

Make sure, that you choose wisely. I’ll give you few hints about how to find good one.

Let’s choose one for you:

First of all, you should visit some online store – CLICK HERE!

There you can find all types of sex toys. To find best one for you, at first you should choose in the left sidebar those with average at least 4 stars. Stars are given from satisfied customers.

Next step is to pick few and read the comments on the bottom. If you find one that have good opinion, you should not waste your time any more.
During the purchasing, you should use promo code PAY5LESS for 5% discount (no minimum order).

pink remote vibratorWhich type is best comparison between price and what you get?

In my opinion, best choice is wireless remote controlled vibrating bullet insert for your vibrating thongs.

Can you use this bullet insert in other type of underwear too?

Yes, you can use this insert in every other type of underwear that you have. So don’t be limited only on usability of vibrating thongs.

Don’t forget that waterproof bullet insert you can use it also in the pool or under the shower.

If you looking for the way to get vibrating underwear cheaper, this is the best way to do it. Get one of those bullet insert and enjoy in underwear that you like.
It’s true, that if you get remote control vibrating panties those are bet to use with insert that you get with them. But this does not mean that you must use it only with those vibrate panties or thongs.

To find perfect bullet insert for you GO HERE!

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How to make fifty shades of gray vibrating thongs

Would you like to try sexual experience of fifty shades of grey? Reach all those orgasms like Anastasia Steele does? Did you ever ask yourself How to make fifty shades of gray vibrating thongs cheap and easy? You are on the right way to find out.

Vibrating Thongs are definitely one of the best selling sex toys. This is obviously not an coincidence, after all, you can wear them anywhere, anytime. This means that you can enjoy whenever and where ever you like.
So why not enjoy in vibrating pleasures of we aim to please bullet vibrator from worldwide known trilogy fifty shades of grey.

How to make fifty shades of gray vibrating thongsSo How to make fifty shades of gray vibrating thongs?

If you believe or not, it’s simple and cheap, but anyway you will get ultimate sex toy.
All you have to do is to get we aim to please bullet vibrator and slip it in your thongs.
Of course, you should place it so that you get most of vibration on that delicate spot.
this is short description and guideline about How to make fifty shades of gray vibrating thongs.

However this is not only way how to use this bullet insert for your vibrating thongs from fifty shades of grey sex toys collection.
You can use it also for solo play as well as to play with your partner. You can use it on any other sensitive part of your or partners body and stimulate it.
One more thing about this bullet vibrator. This is one of the luxury discreet vibrators that any woman should have in its purse. It’s travel friendly and it’s made from safe materials.

This or any other item from this collection of luxury sex toys is great as a gift for your partner.

Best thing about it is that not only that you can use it inside any type of lingerie that you have in your drawer, but it’s also very cheap.
Even better is that you can get it even cheaper if you use the promo code JUST4U for 5% discount on any order you make.
You can also take advantage of promo code 10OFF50 to get 10% discount (50$ minimum order).
Check the fifty shades of grey sex toys collection and find something for you and your partner and don’t forget to use those codes and save your money!

Grab your chance NOW – CLICK HERE!

You can also check offers on amazon – GO HERE!

That’s it, How to make fifty shades of gray vibrating thongs cheap and easy.
If you find this interesting, please share it with your friends.

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How to get cheaper vibrating thongs

Do you want to get vibrating thongs, but it’s too expensive for you? Maybe you wanna save few bucks for something extra. Here is best way how to get cheaper vibrating thongs.

remote vibrating thongsFirst of all, cheaper things doesn’t mean that they are not quality. However, I want to give you advice how you can get those, but for less money.
We all know promo codes and coupons. Many of online sex toy stores have them. How you can use them? It’s easy. While you shopping online, before you pay for stuff that you pick, enter the promo code that you have and then go to the »pay« section of purchasing process.

I will give you codes that I use regularly to get stuff for me and my partner.
I use them a lot, so why don’t you use it too.

Promo codes:

PAY5LESS      5.00% Off (No Order Minimum)
10.00% Off ($50.00 Order Minimum)
15PLEASURE 15.00% Off ($100.00 Order Minimum)

You can use them if you CLICK HERE!

There is another way to save your money, while you purchasing sex toys.

You can also check special offers with discounts. Usually you can see this in the sidebar. You can choose ether price range or percentage of discount. So you will save your money and get what you like.

To check out vibrating thongs with discount, CLICK HERE!

In my opinion, the best choice is if you pick one of the wireless remote control vibrating thongs for you and your partner. You can get one even for men.

Now you know how to get cheaper vibrating thongs. So, don’t hesitate and take advantage of tricks and codes to get cheaper sex toys, or you grab something extra.

Enjoy and have fun with vibrating thongs for men and woman.

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Looking for last minute Christmas gift?

Here are the last days of this year, and you probably looking for Christmas gift for your partner or lover. If you want something extra, you are on perfect place. Why looking further, if you can find all that you need right here?!

Here are top 5 Vibrating underwear rated by costumers:

5X Space Explorer Vibrator

5X Space Explorer Vibrator

This Vibrating bullet insert is out of this world.

Space technology that hides inside this mini vibrator is the best that your woman can get. The best thing is that you have no need to buy extra underwear, because wit this little monster, she can enjoy with or without underwear. All five functions of vibrations and pulsations you or she can use inside her pants or to tease any body part she like. It’s silent so pleasure is guarantied. Use this space explorer and give her orgasm that take her to the moon.

Little Black Panty

If you really love her, you’ll definitely give her this little black panty. This is the best choice, because it have wide range up to almost 20 feet away. Not only that. It also have 10 incredible functions of vibrations, pulsation and escalation. It’s also great accessories to little black dress. This powerful remote control vibrating thong/panty will fit her like a glove. This Remote Control 10-Function Little Black Panty is a registered trademark for California Exotic Noveltie

More about them … CLICK HERE!

Dual Dancing BulletsDual Dancing Bullets

Silver Dual Bullets Vibrators are best choice if you lite anal stimulation. Why? Think about this sex toy like a stereo vibrator. One you can use as a clitoral stimulation and second one for anal stimulation. All action is controlled by remote controller, which can be controlled by you or your partner. Available in ivory and silver and each is sold separately.
So what you get? You get double pleasure for the price of one. The best part is, that you can use it inside any underwear or to stimulate every other part of your body that you want to stimulate.

Power Bullet GoldPower Bullet Gold

Like other Vibrating bullet inserts this one is also great to use inside of any panties, thongs,… You can use it for stimulating any other body part too. But this one is something extra and it’s extremely popular as a gift for your better half.
It have 10 functions of vibrations, pulsation and escalation. Small size is one more of many advantages that this small vibrator have. It’s small enough that you can hide it into your purse, so you can have pleasures in the reach of your fingertips.

Wireless Remote Vibrating PantiesWireless Remote Vibrating Panties

Those are leather look like panties with wireless remote controller bullet insert. It’s very popular piece of vibrating underwear. Not only that. It’s true that it have only 5 reviews from costumers at http://topsextoysshop.com, but if you see what I see, what is important is that 4 of them give to this product a 5 stars. If you ask me, this is one of the bastes thing that you can give to your woman as a Christmas gift.

Remember, those are just 5 possibilities to surprise your better half. Don’t waste your hard earned money for gifts that she or he will not use it not even once. Why don’t surprise your darling with a gift that will give that special person of you pleasure and satisfy its sexual needs. Who knows, maybe even spice up your sex life too.

As a thank you and my gift to you, I’m willing to share you special promo code 15TO50OFF – 15% discount (50$ minimum order) or you can use a promo code TOYS4U – 10% discount (no minimum order). Both of codes are expired at Dec 31, 2013.

To check out more products, GO HERE!



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Vibrating Panty – Zebra

Do you like animal printed panties? Are you try to find best vibrating pleasures? Well, Vibrating Panty – zebra painted are just right for you, because they combine sexy looking zebra printed panties and vibrating bullet insert into vibrating G-string panty.

Why to choose them?

Vibrating Panty zebra printed

First of all, manufacturer like California Exotic Novelties are one of those who are well known by costumers. This is some kind of guaranty that their products are high quality. Vibrating panties like this thongs are very comfortable and one size fit most is one of the main reason to choose just this one. Price is very reachable for any woman, especially if you consider about using them under the shower or in a bathtub. Yes, Vibrating bullet insert is waterproof, so you can enjoy in vibrating pleasures under the water. So you can fill your bathtub with nice warm water and make a bubble bath. Relaxing atmosphere will gain even more desire  in you and you will enjoy in every second of pleasure providing from bullet insert inside of your vibrating panties.

This Vibrating G-string panty is made from soft washable cotton with stretch fit Lycra back. So maintaining is very eays like most of the underwear. Before you put them into a washing machine, remove the bullet insert.

Only »bad« thing about them is that they have no remote controller but for this price, you get more than just good vibrating panties with animal printed pattern. Don’t forget, that you can use them under the shower and one size fit most.

At this time it will cost you somewhere around 22$ but if you use promo code PAY5LESS for 5% discount, you will save a little bit more.
Don’t hesitate and grab your chance now!

To find out more about Vibrating Panties – zebra printed, GO HERE! 


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Remote Control Vibrating Thong of the day for men and women

Remote control vibrating thong are one of the most common sex toy using by couples for foreplay. Usually they use them outside of their home. Of course, they use them at home as well.

Here is the short review of Wireless Remote vibrating Thong of the day for Men and Women.

vibrating_thongs_for_menRemote Control Vibrating Thong of the day for him:
This wireless remote control Vibrating thong gives to user freedom. It have remote controller with pretty wide range of 12 feet. Materials that is used for thongs, remote controller and vibrating insert are safe for use. Thongs are stretchy and one size fit most. Vibrating insert have two way positioning (anal or testicular stimulation). If you remove insert from thong, you can use it to stimulate any other part of the body you like to stimulate.
It’s very easy to use. The person who have the remote of this Wireless remote control vibrating thong for men, have all the control of vibrating stimulation. Batteries are included!

Enjoy and have fun while you tease your men. Turn him on with remote control vibrating thong for men.

It’s also great as a gift for your anniversary!

For more info, click on image!


Remote Control Vibrating Thong of the day for her:

Remote Control Vibratng ThongsHere is short review of Berman Astrea II remote vibrating thong black

First I want give you a prove that this is great sex toy! This item was shown on Oprah show and it’s made as a part of the Berman Center Intimate Accessories line. Products designed for women, by women to give you and your partner exactly what you need to optimize your sex life.
This thongs are one size fit most. Nice and sexy looking stretchy thongs have one little pocket, where you put in vibrating bullet insert for vibrating clitoral stimulation. Remote controller have wide rang up to 12 feet. So your partner can tease you across the room.
It’s one of the most popular product by women. After all, this sexy looking thongs you can wear as a normal underwear if you remove bullet insert.
Batteries are included, so you can start enjoy in vibrating pleasures controlled by you or your partner.
Have fun and enjoy using and wearing this Wireless remote control vibrating thongs for women.
It’s also great as a gift to surprise your women for any occasion!

For more info click in image!

Advice or two:
After every use, clean vibrating insert with toy cleaner. So this toy can give you a pleasure for a long time.
Both thongs are washable!
You should use some lubricants too.

Many couples use sex toys for foreplay as well as for sex. It helps to spice up their sex life, so you can spice it up too. The best part of Wireless remote control vibrating thongs is that you get two product in one. First you get sexy looking thongs and sex toy which you can use it for vibrating stimulation with or without thongs and you can enjoy and have fun solo or with your partner.

Use a promo code:

PAY5LESS for 5% discount (no order minimum) or

MAGIC10 for 10% discount (($100.00 Order Minimum)

You can find also video presentation of this thongs if you click on image or CLICK HERE!


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Vibro Panty Black – Pleasure from distance

Are you looking for new way for foreplay with your partner? Is your sex life become boring? If you need something to spice up your sex life, you must find out more about this great Remote control vibrating panties.

Sex toys are made to spice up your sex life. No matter if you play solo or with your partner, every adult toy have its own purpose. Some of them vibrates, others stimulates your G-Spot and so on. However, advantage of this remote control vibrating panties is that you can control the vibration from a long distance. Util now, we have a pretty much short range to control vibrating pleasures in your partners panties. Wearing this panties with bullet insert your partner can control 10 different patterns of vibrations up to 82 feet (more than 25 m) away. So your partner can tease you or you tease her from long distance. This is great for couples for foreplay.

About this panties. Side laces make them one size fit most. It means, that they are plus size remote control vibrating panty. Don’t you worry if you have body like a model. It will fit you too. Laces on the side are great, because even women with bigger body sizes can wear them and enjoy in vibrating pleasures wherever she wants to. Here is the best part. Bullet insert is waterproof, so you can enjoy wearing this bikini panty under the shower or even in swimming pool. Grab a chance and enjoy in vibrations under the water. Believe me, it’s really something extra. All you have to do is to wear this vibro panty with bullet insert in little pocket on that special place. Trust the remote to your partner and fun can begin. Remote controller is not waterproof! So keep it dry. All the batteries you need are included.

Don’t wait that comes out of stock. Grab it NOW!

To find out more, GO HERE!


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Where to find cheap Vibrating Thongs

Vibrating thongs are one of the most useful sex toys on the market. Because of this they are very popular by couples and by single user as well.

However, in these days it’s hard to save money. So I decide to show you how you can save few bucks with purchasing Remote Control Vibrating Thongs.


First of all, you can use a promo codes for special discount. So I thing the best online sex toy store is TopSexToysShop.com. There you can use this two promo codes:

  • PAY5LESS – you get 5% discount and the best part is that there is no minimum order for this promo code.
  • MAGIC10 – you get 10% discount for minimum order 100$.

You can use those promo codes by purchasing anything on this online store.


How to find products with discount on Amazon.com?

While you searching trough on Amazon.com online store, you should type in the search bar the name of the product that you are interested in. Let’s say that you are looking for Remote control vibrating thongs. Type in the search bar “Remote control vibrating thongs”. Click on „go“ on the right side of the search bar.
Then you should see many products which are related to your searched product. Now gets interesting. Here you can choose between many options in the left sidebar. There you can choose one of the many options. In this case we want to search trough all those products which have 25% discount. When you choose this option you should see many adult products which have 25% discount or more.

If you want to find the adult products in the price range, you simply type lower and higher price that you are willing to pay for the product you want.


Now you know how you can get cheaper products. Don’t hesitate, Promo codes can expire soon, and all those products with high discount will not wait for you. So grab your chance now!


To use a promo code on TopSexToysShop.com, GO HERE!


To find products with discount on Amazon, Click here!



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Unique Valentine’s day gift – Vibrating Thongs

Every woman love to get gift from its men, especially Valentine’s Day Gift. Be different than other men and give your woman something unique and something that she never expect from you. With this gift, both of you will have benefits. Remote Control Vibrating Thongs are just perfect for any occasion, even for Valentine’s Day Gift.

Many of you every year give your partner for Valentine’s day gift some chocolate candy and rose. This is most common gift for Valentine’s day. So why don’t you give her something that she would never expect from you? Something that will drop her jaw on the floor. Surprise her with sexy looking Remote Control Vibrating Thongs.
With this gift you will show her that you are not ordinary guy, that you care about her and that she mean to you more than anything in the world. Believe me, when she try your gift, she will be blown away. After all, popularity of Vibrating Underwear is no coincidence. Many couples use this sex toy for foreplay. Mostly they use them before they get home. For example: at the mall, at the cinema, in the restaurant at dinner,… The limit is your imagination. When they come home, after closing the door, the real action begins.

Remote control vibrating thongs are just one type of the Vibrating Lingerie. Because of the remote control feature, you both have something from this great and sexy looking lingerie.


You can enjoy while you have the power to decide when and how powerful vibrations should be.

At the same time, your partner can enjoy in vibrating pleasures which is under your control.

But there is more. You can get Remote Control Vibrating Thongs for men too.

Here is another prove, how great is this product. One of Vibrating Panties was even shown in Oprah Show. You can see how it works also in the movie „The Ugly Truth“.
Valentine’s day is near, and in last few days are Remote Control Vibrating Thongs one of the most searchable product on-line. So don’t hesitate with getting this special Valentine’s Day Gift for your partner.

Don’t forget to use a special promo code:
PAY5LESS – 5% discount (no minimum order) expire Feb 28.2013
MAGIC10 – 10% discount ($100 minimum order) expire Feb 14.2013

To find special Valentine’s Day Gift, GO HERE!



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Surprise Your Men with Wireless Vibrating Thongs for Men

Sex toys, especially Wireless Vibrating Thongs for men, are becoming more and more popular these days. It is powered by batteries and simple to use. Any men can make use of this item and this will give them a fun experience that they will not find in any other sex toys available in the market. If you want to be thrilled and enjoy the moment with your partner, getting Remote Control Vibrating Thongs for Men will make your day much happier and definitely more exciting.

There are many advantages you can experience once you have tried this kind of sex toy. One of them is that it is comfortable. You will not feel awkward while using it as it’s not too bulky and it will feel like you are just wearing your ordinary thongs. It operates quietly yet its vibration is strong which will give you the fun experience with your partner.  Wireless Vibrating Thongs for Him has two-way pouch and you can access it even if you are quite far, with its remote control having a maximum range of 12’ or 3.7m. When it comes to its size, it fits to all. This means that whether you are a small guy or a tall one, you can purchase this item and expect this to work perfectly for you.

The two-way pouch of These Wireless Vibrating Thongs for Men is intended for testicular or anal stimulation. The fabric used is polyester and Spandex so it can easily fit to anyone who will use it. The color of these thongs is only black. Batteries are included on the package. However, the two AAA batteries are not included and you have to purchase them separately.

These Remote Control Vibration Thongs are easy to assemble. Firstly, you have to put batteries on the remote and stimulator. Secondly, place the Vibrating Bullet Insert in the pouch. Lastly, make fun with it by controlling it whenever you want to. The item has an instructional manual included. Follow the steps provided on the manual to avoid incorrect assembly and make sure not to soak the remote or the stimulator on the water. Also, replace the batteries immediately whenever the remote control stops working to continue the fun and pleasure.

Wireless Vibrating Thongs for Him is an item that you should give a try if you want to have pleasure and experience fun and enjoyment at any place. No matter what time of day it is, you can play and have fun with this remote controlled sex toy. So, surprise your partner with Remote Control Vibrating Thongs for Men today and spice up your relationship!

To find out more, CLICK HERE!



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